Keeping It Simple

No frills. No heavy bills. We do things simple. Every process dates back to our grandmother’s era, where minimalistic rule was followed and is adhered to the T. Our moms are simple. Our food is, as well, simple on your palate, yet strikingly different.

Moms Know Best

They know it best – creating from the scratch, an experience to savour this lifetime, every time. No wonder, Moms’ ‘Kai Manam’ and ‘Pallu’ are held supreme and their repertoire unmatched in every bit at IDLIES. It is truly a collection of moms’ signature dish and theirs alone – a matter of pride and embrace.

Perfect Combos – A Connoisseur’s Tale

Murungakkai Vethakuzhambu with Vadu Mangai Pachadi, Manathakkaali Vethakuzhambu with Paruppu Usili, Paruppu Sadham with Rasam - Our union of different foods and flavours take you back-to-good-old-days triggering your taste buds and making you crave for more. It’s a connoisseur’s love date and you bet, it simply is the best.

A New Day, Every Day

Every day is a new beginning and with every beginning comes a menu crafted for each day of the week, with attention to detail keeping you closer to home, always. Pick your choice and let others drool over it. Simmer away your lazy day with a perfect lunch box companion.